MiniDayz has 3 types of enemies: infected, animals, and bandits.

The Infected Edit

Infected (AKA 'zeds', 'walkers', or 'zombies') are infected humans in MiniDayZ. They are seen in all towns and sometimes in the forests.

Like their Standalone counterparts, they are passive when unprovoked. However, when they are alerted to the Survivor's presence, they will run at him/her relentlessly. Although they can do little damage at first, they can make you bleed in 2-3 hits.

Some have 60 hitpoints, while crouching Infected will have 80 hitpoints.

Combat Edit

It is not recommended to go after them without a melee weapon. Butcher kines, hunting knives, and military knives are better than fists, but are still ineffective to deal real damage. It is recommended to use either a pickaxe, baseball, sledgehammer, hatchet, or firefighter axe to deal some moderate to heavy damage.

Only use guns when necessary. Although guns are effective towards them, they are extremely loud, which will attract more to the area.

Animals (Wolves) Edit

Wolves are non-infected hostiles that appear in MiniDayz. They only appear in forests and rarely appear in cities or towns.

Unlike their Standalone counterparts, they do not leave once a certain amount of them are killed. They will still keep attacking. They attack in groups of 5-8, so caution is advised.

Fortunately, they are weak, having only 40-50 hitpoints.

Combat Edit

A baseball or sledgehammer will sometimes kill them in one hill. The use of guns is not recommended.

Bandits Edit

Bandits are players that make it a goal to kill you and other friendly survivors. They can be identified with the Scout perk as a person wearing a balaclava icon or a hooded bandits with a bandanna as a mask icon.

The "balaclava bandit" will mostly have a melee weapon and some food. Some may have a gun, ranging from the Glock or the Pump Action Shotgun. Caution is advised when encountering these types of bandits.

The "hooded bandits" have military-grade weapons, ranging from snipers (Mosin Nagant, SKS), to shotguns, to assault rifles (AK-74, L85, M4, UMP-45, MP5-K, AKM). They are mostly in groups of 3. They can and will throw Molotov cocktails when the player is in a building. Extreme caution is advised when dealing with them.

Combat Edit

When dealing with the balaclava bandits, use a strong melee weapon and keep moving. They can deal moderate damage and can make you bleed multiple times.

When dealing with the hooded bandits, constant movement and zoomed out fire is highly recommended. They will follow you until they lose sight of you. The AKM is preferred due to its high damage and the Magnum revolver is preferred due also to its high damage.

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